Smith Douglas Homes Relocates to New Corporate Office

Two months after all the moving boxes were unpacked, offices were claimed and the first pot of coffee was brewed, we are settled into our brand new corporate office space! Our mid-August relocation meant moving just a few miles down Highway 92 towards downtown Woodstock, providing us with nearly five times the office space than we previously occupied.


Now located at 110 Village Trail in Suite 215, the new Smith Douglas Homes corporate office, in conjunction with the SDC Realty office, comprises about 11,000 square feet of space. The new location provides great visibility along one of the area’s most traveled highways, which is a great improvement over the previous location in a secluded office park. Now, travelers can see the familiar orange and green ‘SD’ logo both day and night!


With plenty of dedicated work and meeting space, the new office is much more functional. There is plenty of storage room for signage and marketing materials, while the SDC Realty team enjoys the abundance of parking space, which makes having the entire sales team on site at once much easier.

Another advantage of the new corporate office location is its proximity to Woodstock Village, one of our new home communities in Cherokee County. With the community being located directly behind the office, wonderful examples of our product and craftsmanship sit just steps from the office door.


Overall, the new Smith Douglas Homes and SDC Realty corporate offices provide us plenty of room to grow without experiencing the growing pains felt at the previous location!


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