6 Things to Do After Your Home Closing is Official


You’ve signed on the dotted line and the house is officially yours. Now get ready to take ownership, pay the taxes, and plant those gardens. It is so gratifying to finally move in after the long wait; however, there are still final steps to take after you’ve closed on your new home.


What to Do After Your Home Closing


  1. Retain the settlement documents. They will help establish tax deductions for the year during which the house was purchased. These documents will be useful for tax purposes in the future. At times, property taxes can be reevaluated and these documents will also come handy.
  2. Set up your utilities. Check your state’s website to find out the electric and gas suppliers in your area. Garbage pickup, sewer, recycling and water services can be found with an easy online search. Contact all providers at a minimum of two weeks prior to your official move-in date to make sure there are no issues with getting your utilities set up in time for you to move.
  3. Document the home for insurance purposes. Take photos or video record the various aspects of the home. Secure records in a safety deposit box. Insurance providers can suggest what aspects of the home to photograph.
  4. Maintain all necessary insurance for fire, theft and liability. Coverage naturally increases as the property value rises. Insurance professionals will be able to review the details and explain the options available.
  5. Create an inventory list prior to packing up. Label boxes with their future area desired, such as kitchen or the living room. Write a brief description of the content on the box, and for special china or electronics, make sure you write FRAGILE in big, bold letters and mark which side is up for movers. Upon delivery, check the boxes against your inventory list. Open the most fragile items while movers are still there to ensure that they were handled properly. It is easier to handle issues during a contracted move rather than after the fact.
  6. Grab some essentials. Your family and any friends that are helping with the move will be working up an appetite. Explore the area and find a local grocery store where you can grab some basics, such as water bottles, pizza, etc. Your achy muscles and tired friends and family will thank you.


Congratulations, the house is all yours! Now it is time to get out and meet the neighbors. Contact us today for more information on the home buying and closing process, or to start your search for your new home.