The Truth About Appliances


When purchasing a home, many factors affect the decision. From school districts, to floorpans, from mortgages to property taxes, there really is too much to think about. If you are embarking on purchasing a home, possibly your first, allow us to give you a little advice. Don’t forget to check out the appliances when in the market for a house.


Don’t get all the way to moving day before noticing those old and outdated appliances in the existing home you bought. The truth comes out when you have to use the loud dishwasher every night or finagle with the thermostat each day.


The Truth About Old Appliances


If you have already signed on the dotted line and ended up with less-than-perfect appliances, follow these rules. If you are deciding whether or not to purchase new appliances, it is important to determine how old each unit is, and whether or not it has already been repaired. This information should be available at your closing.


If the appliance turns out to be too old, you will need to search to find a new one. The best time to buy is usually based on what you are purchasing. Major appliances are usually on sale in September and October, but refrigerators usually come out with new models during the summer. Regardless of when you purchase your new appliance, it will be expensive and likely tedious to find and install.




The Solution


If thinking about appliances and large purchases right after you close stresses you out, listen to this, homes built by Smith Douglas come with the newest appliances. Meaning, your house comes live-in ready AND you are the first person to ever run the dishwasher or turn on the dryer.


When weighing the cost of a new home versus an existing home, put appliances on the consideration list. They are one of many benefits to purchasing a new home, especially one built by Smith Douglas.


For more information about the appliances built into Smith Douglas Homes, contact us today and we can get you the information you need!


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