Choosing a Home Based on a Good School District


Most parents want to live in areas where their children will have a competitive advantage in education. The demand for homes in better school districts is so high that many third-party real estate and home search sites have implemented features that allow potential homebuyers to find a home that correlates to their desired school district.


Why Buy in a Good School District


The obvious reason to buy in a good school district is for the educational benefit of the child. However, buying in a good district benefits more than just the children. Many homebuyers, those with and without children, consider a good school district to be a key selling point. This is because it points to strong property values. Homes in good school districts tend to hold on to their value, even in economic downturns. A good school district drives property demand, meaning that homes in these areas tend to sell quickly and for a sizable profit.


How to Tell if a School District is Strong


Many real estate sites allow you to search for a home based on the school district or county, but that doesn’t have to be the only resource. Never be afraid to ask your real estate agent about the quality of the school district. The agent will know the area very well and will be able to speak to how the school district has performed over a long time period, rather than just one year’s worth of data. You can take the assessment further by visiting individual schools, looking at teacher evaluations, examining report cards, and checking to see if the schools have open availability. This information will help you determine if the district is a good fit for your child.


How to Find a Home in a Good School District


Just as high demand can cause a home to sell quickly, it can also make it harder to find a home. This doesn’t mean you can’t still get the school district you want. If there are no homes available in the specific area, then try looking on the outskirts. This can give you a home that meets your needs while also getting you close to the school of your choice. Ultimately, the decision and process of buying in a good school district is best handled with a real estate agent, although doing your homework definitely helps.


Many of our new home communities are located in highly sought-after school districts, so for more information on finding homes, contact a New Home Specialist at Smith Douglas Homes today!