Matching Your Floorplan to Your Lifestyle


When buying a home, one of the most important things you can do is to make sure the floorplan is conducive to your lifestyle. Although every home should have the features you desire, the functionality of the floorplan should be one of the main deciding factors of your choice.


There are a number of questions you should consider while deciding what type of floorplan would suit your lifestyle:


  • Will there be a lot of traffic in your home?
  • How many will be living in your home?
  • Do you need a large outdoor space?
  • How many levels do you want in your home?
  • Do you have accessibility needs?
  • Is this your final home, or do you plan on moving in the next few years?

Once you have answered these questions, you will be better equipped to determine what type of floorplan will suit you. Here are a few:


Open Concept


An open concept plan is noted for featuring a “great room.” The concept creates a large room that serves as a joint kitchen, living room and dining room. This popular choice is known for its brilliant use of space. The free flowing concept allows for great entertaining and high traffic to move through the home easily. It is an excellent choice for homebuyers that love to host, entertain or that have big families.


Closed Concept


A home with a closed floor plan is an ideal suggestion for those who really enjoy individuality. A closed plan features individual rooms, letting the owner place their signature spin in each room’s design and aesthetic. More rooms in the home means more wall space. The closed concept is catered to art lovers who seek a place to display their collection, as well as the artists who want to use each individual room as a canvas.


Two Story / Multi-Level


Overall, there are many great qualities about two-story homes. They tend to be less expensive per square foot, and the extra height is guaranteed to offer stellar views. Generally, two story homes are bigger and boast bigger yards because they take up less land when it comes to space. The extra floor allows the owners to have extra options for add-ons. This floorplan style is ideal for homebuyers that enjoy space and privacy, both in their home and their surroundings.


One Story / Single-Level


One story homes are good for those families who may have special needs, or for active adults who may have a difficult time going up and down the stairs. Since the house is ground level, it provides instant access to the great outdoors. Because of the simplistic style of the layout, it makes future add-ons easier.


These are just a few examples of new home floorplans that could meet your needs based on your lifestyle and desires. Many other fixtures can all be tailored to meet your needs to personalize your home. For more information on home buying and choosing a floorplan that will meet the demands and needs of your lifestyle, contact a New Home Specialist at Smith Douglas Homes today!