Other than a Builder, Who Else Do I Need on My Home Buying Team?


Prospective homeowners love to imagine the day that they will walk into their new home. However, they need a team of experienced professionals on their home buying team, in addition to tapping into new home building resources to guide their process. Who should new home-owners be calling in advance to make sure everyone is in place for their future project? Start communicating with the following professionals early on to make it easy to buy the home you want.


Picking the Right Team When Purchasing A Home


1. Research Potential Homebuilders

Research potential builders that fit the criteria you seek in a new home. Gather information on their most current homes and where the communities are located. Do they build in the area you want to live? Do they have the set of amenities you desire? What community amenities will be available once the community is completed? The professional teams at Smith Douglas can assist you with narrowing down your dream home with the desired amenities and features you want.


2. Builder-Appointed Agent/Realtor

New homebuyers often believe they need to find their own representation, and while this is the case most of the time, builders can appoint one of their trusted realtors to guide you through the process. Smith Douglas, for example, has a qualified team of realtors to assist buyers, no matter where they are located in the home buying process. However, buyers are welcomed to find their own representation they feel is most qualified to assist them through the process.


3. Builders & Superintendents

Builders/superintendents maintain a high-level of customer service, while staying within budget. Smith Douglas’ preferred builders consistently inform sales and customers in on the process as the house is being constructed. Moreover, homebuyers can be sure their home is crafted to the quality assurance process and specifications set forth by the homebuilder.


4. Pre-Qualify for a Home Loan

Preferred lenders are an exceptional choice when working with a homebuilder. While it is acceptable to find an outside lender, qualifying for a mortgage through the homebuilder’s preferred lender can eliminate the challenge of finding the right bank. As with Smith Douglas, preferred lenders are familiar with the builder, helping buyers find the optimal pricing and rates that are commensurate with a buyer’s finances. In addition, if you’re prospecting for your own lender, look for a banker that can offer fair borrowing options and can clearly communicate any fine print to prospective homeowners. In areas with a demand for new homes, there will be a higher demand for project financing and banks, as well as debt providers, may be able to provide better terms.


5. Building Inspector

Before any home is purchased, many buyers hire a home inspector to inspect the home for any issues or defects that a current seller is unaware of or is omitting. This process allows some leverage on the part of the buyer. However, homebuilders provide a qualified home inspector to check the quality of the work, while ensuring the work was done within building specifications. The team at Smith Douglas can provide the service to you within the scope of the build.


6. Closing Attorney

The closing attorney is a vital part of the real estate transaction process. They will ensure there is a clear title for the property, that the loan documents are in order, the deed has been recorded, and all other details to finalize your real estate transaction are in order. At Smith Douglas Homes, your personal New Home Specialist will schedule your closing at the attorney’s office, which typically takes around one hour. We will then hand over the keys to your brand new home!


7. Hire a Moving Company

Hire experienced movers and home decorators to reduce your stress and make your transition to a new home easy. Experienced and licensed in their respective industries, they can reduce your headache and backache by creating a home environment that welcomes you in as you enter.


Do your homework and decide on the team you need for the home you want. The professional team at Smith Douglas is here to assist you through journey to home ownership.