Home Builder Warranty vs. Home Warranty


When purchasing a home, knowing the difference between a home builder warranty and a home warranty is key. Both serve different purposes, and understanding the coverage options between the two can save you a lot of headache and money. Both are significant, and reading the fine print on both is essential. Here are the differences:


Home Warranty


A home warranty is a service plan that provides coverage for appliances and systems within your home. This is an independent plan that is purchased by the homebuyer. Most of the time, warranty coverage is decided by the homeowner, and can range from electrical to home office components. There are comprehensive plans available to select from to ensure the homeowner is receiving the coverage they desire and feel they need. Home warranties can come in handy when expenses are mounting in a new home. Having the option to get items fixed or replaced can assist the homeowner when facing huge bills. Home warranties are available for both new and existing homes.


Home Builder Warranty


A home builder warranty is supplied by the builder after constructing a new home. This will provide peace of mind with an assurance that the home will be covered if there are any structural defects found.


Every Smith Douglas home comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty that provides coverage for the first 12 months after closing and addresses failure of the home or its systems to perform as they should. Coverage includes all major mechanical systems (electrical, plumbing, appliances, heating & air) as well as many other problems related to the integrity and proper operation of the new home due to defective equipment, materials or installation.


Also included with a Smith Douglas home is a 10 year Structural Defects Limited Warranty.** Structural claims may be submitted up to 10 years after closing on your new home. Learn more about our SDH Warranty Program designed so you can rest easy with 10 full years of structural home protection after closing.


To learn more about home warranties and home builder warranties, contact a New Home Specialist at Smith Douglas Homes today.