Love Old Homes for the Character? Add it to Your New Home in 4 Steps


A number of buyers consider buying an older home because of its character and charm. For some, older homes have that vintage appeal that make them an attractive option. However, one of the best things about purchasing a new home is the lower cost of ownership you benefit from through the cost savings of updated appliances and options, better construction quality, plus the ability to take a new home and make it your own.


How Can You Personalize Your New Home?


Personalizing your new home is easy, especially if it is being built from the ground up. There are four specific elements that will help you transform your new home into one that reminds you of an older home

with character:


1. Floorplans


You have the flexibility of choosing the type of floorplan you desire, which can implement certain aspects of older homes you have grown to love. Today’s open floorplan concept is popular among new homes, so make sure to select the one that best suits your needs. Plus, if you’re building a new home from the ground up, there may likely be some structural options that allow more flexibility for how you use some of the space in the home.


2. Flooring


Nothing adds character to a home more than flooring. You can pick certain styles that add character and simplicity to your home, making it a charming focal point to look at. There are a number of finishes that can provide a classic, timeless look.


3. Cabinetry


Cabinetry adds charm to any kitchen or area where storage is an issue. If you’re looking for Old World charm, cabinetry is the first element that can bring it to life. From the colors you use to the different wood grain choices, your cabinetry will breathe life into a room and speak its own language.



4. Plumbing


If you’re looking for those special touches that can give your home an old look, try vintage-inspired plumbing. From brushed nickel to oil-rubbed bronze, the plumbing in your home will be a hit, mixing modern and traditional for the perfect finish.


These are just four quick ways to integrate your vintage ideas into your new home design that will give it the charm you are seeking. Paint, adding old doors, reclaimed brick and other simple touches will seamlessly merge the old and new. When you build a Smith Douglas home, you are able to select many design features to personalize your home. Contact us today to learn about your options!


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