ROI of Having New Windows in a Home


When purchasing a home, there are certain benefits that make buying new the right idea. One of those benefits is windows. You never think about windows, until extreme temperatures occur. Windows keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are one of the key insulators in your house — helping lower bills while keeping you and your family comfortable.


New, modern windows have been known to save a homeowner up to 20 percent in heating and cooling costs due to their low-E (low emissivity) coating.


“Low-e coatings have been developed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted,” from the Glass Education Center.

Additionally, by purchasing a new home, you could be saving thousands right away. If you were to purchase a pre-owned home with outdated windows, you would either have to replace them or suffer through higher energy bills. Replacing them could run into the thousands, especially if there are a lot of windows to replace.


More Benefits of New Windows


By buying new, you can avoid the large expense of getting your windows replaced, and immediate savings will be realized with the heating and cooling costs. Modern windows are easier to clean and provide improved ease of use and functionality. Here are a few other reasons to buy new:

  • Resale Value


If you ever consider selling your home, the resale value will be much higher with modern windows. If you factor in the cost of having to replace the windows with newer ones, you could add that cost to the selling price of the home for a bigger return.

  • Aesthetics


It’s an old saying that, “windows are the eyes into the home.” Homes that have beautiful windows sell better than homes with windows that look old and outdated. New windows immediately change the façade of the home, providing a more modern look and feel.

  • Versatility


Modern windows provide comfort that is not realized until it is extremely hot or extremely cold. The seals provided with new windows will keep your home comfortable year-round without having to continuously adjust the thermostat.


Modern windows are easier to clean, and provide a bright, vibrant presentation. With the annual savings and other benefits from these windows, the cost of a brand-new home is not so far-fetched. The ROI on new windows continues to calculate over time, making your purchase a worthwhile investment. For more information on the windows used in Smith Douglas Homes, contact a New Home Specialist today.