5 Reasons Summer is The Best Time to Move


You can buy a house any time of the year, especially if you have one built by Smith Douglas Homes. However, not every time of year is as ideal for moving as the summer! Our experts strongly recommend moving between May and August. Here are the reasons why:


No. 1 Season for Life Changes


A lot of people move in the summertime because that happens to be the time of year when life changes a lot. Forty percent of U.S. couples get married in the summer months, most job changes happen this time of year, and this is the time when people prepare to go back to school.

No. 2 School’s Out


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Summer is an ideal moving time for parents. The kids are on vacation and extracurriculars have likely slowed down. If you move early enough in the summer, you give the kids time to settle in and fall into a new routine. Additionally, this is the time of year when kids play outside or at the pool, creating the perfect opportunity for your kids to make new friends!


No. 3 Weather


The weather this time of year is warm, but at least it is predictable. The spring showers have passed, and if you begin moving earlier in the day, you won’t have to worry about storms. Just have a lot of bottled water on hand and rest when you get too tired!


No. 4 Yard Sale Season


This is a silly reason, but still important enough to mention. Americans love a good yard sale, especially us Southerners! While you’re packing for your move, you can leave unwanted items in your garage. This way, you are ready to host that yard sale. Why not make a little extra money while getting rid of unwanted items?


No. 5 More Relaxed Work Schedule


Most offices are pretty flexible during the summer months. A number of people, especially parents, take a vacation in the summer and it seems that everyone moves a little slower. You can take this time to move and not miss out on deadlines and meetings. Overall, people are more relaxed in the summer and this could give you the opportunity to make friends in your new neighborhood too! Your neighbors may host a BBQ or have a get-together at the community pool.


What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the perfect time to move, and buy a house today. You can begin that new job, new marriage or new school year in the perfect home. Let us help you today!


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