Forget Mortgage and Bills, Prepare for Your Move with this Checklist


As you prepare to purchase a new home, there are a number of things to consider beyond the purchasing costs. Many first-time homebuyersdo not consider the costs associated with the actual move that may significantly increase initial costs. We want moving into your new home to be exciting, not one shock after the other!


Here is a Moving Checklist to Consider


Moving Materials


If you are moving from one location to your new home, the cost of moving must be considered. Boxes and other supplies, hauling fees, the moving truck and whether or not you need movers are all added costs you may not have factored into your equation. Expert movers recommend planning your actual more 3-4 weeks before “move in day.”



You may have to put down new deposits prior to moving into your new home. There may be transfer fees, or if you have never had utilities in your name, having to incur this expense is almost a guarantee. Lights, water and any city fees for activating these accounts may not be an expense you planned for.


Decorating and Upkeep


When moving into your home, if you are going from an apartment to a much bigger space, you will have to consider your decorating expenses. You’ll need window treatments, lamps, rugs and a host of other things to initially function within your space. If you have a yard, you will have to incur the cost of a yard man, or purchase a mower and other materials like a water hose and edger. These costs quickly add up for new home buyers — especially those you haven’t thought about it.




Chances are, you will need new furniture to complete your new home. This is an added expense you may not have factored into the equation, or never considered, especially if coming from an apartment. If your space is much bigger, having a few new pieces will have to be added to the expense list.


Association fees


If your new home is part of a homeowner’s association, there’s a good chance you will have to pay extra fees. These may or may not have been included in your initial monthly mortgage estimate. Making sure you are aware of any association fees before you purchase your new home is a priority.




Once you move, there are always new things to purchase. Think about your grocery bill, which will probably be a lot higher when you first move in because you didn’t want to move all your old condiment bottles and such. You will also spend additional money on cleaning supplies and toiletries, light bulbs and general upkeep items.


These are just a few expenses to consider and factor into the equation when you purchase a new home. Knowing what to expect can help alleviate any confusion and get you financially prepared for these upcoming costs. For more information on moving into a new home and additional expenses, contact Smith Douglas Homes today! We want to help you avoid the shock!