10 Benefits of Buying a new Home vs. an Older Home


Buying A New Home

 If you’re purchasing your first home, discount or moving into a new place, order the question of whether or not to buy a new home or an old home will probably be the first consideration on your list. As home construction continues to evolve, there are a few reasons why a new home is the best decision. Here are 10 reasons why:


No. 1 Warranty


When purchasing a new home, everything is under warranty, which provides a peace of mind for home buyers. For example, every Smith Douglas home comes with a 1-year limited warranty and 10-year structural defects limited warranty. This is especially important if the buyers have invested a large part of their savings into the new home.


No. 2 Features


The features included in new homes are modern and innovative. So, instead of inheriting items in a home from the previous owner, you can choose the features and fixtures that go into your home, making it all about you and your lifestyle. This is a huge draw in getting buyers to consider purchasing a new home.


No. 3 Cost Savings


Appliances and other energy-efficient items are guaranteed to help save money on your utility bill. Toilets, windows and light fixtures are all designed to provide less of an impact on the environment and your overall energy usage. It would cost a lot more money to replace everything in an older home with energy-efficient appliances and windows.


>> Infographic: Why Buy New? <<


No. 4 Floorplans


New homes have floorplans that can be tailored to your needs. New homes also have open spaces that may not be available in an older home. This is ideal for young families in need of an open

floorplan or seniors looking for one-level living.


No. 5 Maintenance


A new home requires less maintenance, as everything in the home is new. Homeowners will not have to worry about things breaking down, or replacing a roof in the immediate future. With this comes the ability to save for a rainy day, instead of constantly having to fix emergencies.


No. 6 Safety


New homes have a number of safety features that are not available in older homes. Think past alarm systems and secure windows to chemical-free materials. Additionally, the circuitry is updated and based on new codes, paints are healthier and carpeting is now designed to provide better air flow.


No. 7 Appliances


Appliances are designed to provide convenience, efficiency and cost savings. From design to safety features, newer appliances continue to improve and provide a safer experience.


No. 8 Convenience


New homes are usually built in areas that offer a number of amenities that complement the housing. Many communities are built with an environmental footprint that allows stores and other attractions to be within walking distance.


No. 9 Personalization


A new home will have what you want, when you want it. In a new home, you are able to choose your cabinetry, whether or not you want hardwood, tile or carpet, and can showcase your personal style. In an older home, it would cost a lot more to accomplish this.


No. 10 Air Quality


New homes have new efficiency and venting standards that apply to air handling systems and quality control. This helps with a higher quality of air with less drafts for a higher comfort level.


These are just a few reasons why purchasing a new home versus an older home is a good idea. For more information on new homes, contact a Smith Douglas New Home Specialist to see what our new homes can offer you and your loved ones.