Selecting the Best Home Building Team


Purchasing a home can be an overwhelming process, especially when making it alone. Home buyers often have a few hurdles to jump over, and one of the main ones is building a good, solid team. Here at Smith Douglas Homes, we understand what goes into buying a new home. There are people who come to us seeking to transition from an apartment, downsize or upgrade. Regardless of the reason, we help people find their new home as a team.


About Our Home Builder Team


We have been building homes in Atlanta for 40+ years. At Smith Douglas, we craft each and every one of our homes using construction methods and materials that we guarantee will last. In order to continue delivering quality homes at affordable prices, we work with various companies that we have developed a loyal partnership with. Delta, Sherwin Williams, Lennox, and Frigidaire are just a few companies we’ve paired with to continue building quality homes.


Why Choose Us


Smith Douglas works as a team with each customer to make sure they are purchasing a home they love, situated in the perfect location. We make sure that our homes are built with sound construction. As a team, we also take the time to sit down with potential home buyers and our preferred lenders to make sure that they have a mortgage that works for them. After customers choose their new home team, we will help them learn about the entire process. Beyond that, we provide a list of home buying tools that any and every potential home buyer can use before, during, and after the buying process.


Benefits of Working with Smith Douglas


We offer a one year limited warranty and a 10 year structural defects limited warranty. Best of all, when a customer requests a service call, those qualifying items will be checked when the home is inspected. Customers can make the request after one, three, and 11 months of purchasing the home. In addition, warranties come with each new home and exist for the protection of the new home buyer as well as the builders.


At Smith Douglas, we work as a team to make sure our customers receive the best home that suits their needs and is in the location they desire. We provide them the necessary resources, support and educational tools to help them make the right decisions when buying a home.