Advantages of Cleaning Your House Before Moving Out


Undoubtedly, the process of buying a home can be a very difficult and stressful endeavor. Unsurprisingly, many people want nothing to do with their old home after scheduling the closing. One of the last things people want to do is spend a few days deep cleaning their home. While deep cleaning your home for the buyer may seem like an unnecessary move, there may be consequences for not leaving your home spotless for the buyer. Here is some information about the importance of deep cleaning your home and the art of cleaning out.


Why Do You Need to Clean Out Your Old Home?


Of course, most buyers are reasonable and will forgive you for minor offenses, such as forgetting to sweep behind the refrigerator. However, you may face serious consequences for major offenses. Some buyers request that the home be spotless when they move in. Be sure to check your contract. If you agreed verbally or in writing to make the home spotless by move-in time, you could face a lawsuit if you don’t actually follow through with your promise.


Another potential consequence of a filthy home is that the buyer could delay the closing. In more severe cases, the buyer could decide not to follow through with his or her promise and walk away from the sale. Keep in mind that your buyer may be very stressed or emotional on closing day. Therefore, you don’t want to add to the stresses and concerns of the buyer. If you need to, have a move out checklist to help ensure you stay on track.


The Art of Cleaning Up


To ensure the satisfaction of the buyer, it is vital that you master the art of cleaning out. Fortunately, just about anyone can do a good job of deep cleaning a home as long as they start early. In fact, if possible, you should declutter and scrub down your house before you even put it on the market. It can be incredibly stressful to deep clean your home at the last minute before the closing.


However, if you didn’t think to start early, there is no need to panic. As long as you make a plan now and take action immediately, you should be fine. Try to deep clean your home one room at a time. Try working from top to bottom. For example, you can dust the ceiling fans, clean the walls, and then mop, vacuum, and sweep. Clean all appliances that you plan on leaving behind for the buyer. Be sure to check all the air vents in your home for mold or filth. If you find any mold or filth, you should call a HVAC professional to clean the air vents. Try not to forget any details. Sellers often forget to clean light fixtures, drawers, and cabinets.


While you may be excited about moving into a new home, you still should take the time to clean your old home for the buyer. For more information about the art of cleaning up, don’t hesitate to contact us