Do’s and Don’t of Decorating a New Home


Now that you have a new place that you and your family can call yours, you will want to transform and decorate the space so that it will be a true reflection of who you are.


Decorating a new home may seem like a complicated matter. In fact, interior decorating can seem especially daunting when you are faced with a house of bare rooms. However, with a little planning and preparation, you can make your family’s new home uniquely yours.


Make the Bedrooms a Priority


For most family members, the bedroom will be the area that they spend a lot of time in and should be one of the first parts of the home that is decorated, as it’s so personal. Each family member can provide input to make their bedroom reflect their personality. As a starting point, concentrate on getting the bed situated as it is usually the focal point of most bedrooms. A good styling tip is to make sure the bedding coordinates with the window coverings. Also, paint the wall a color or texture that complements them both.


Pace Yourself


With the exception of the bedrooms, it is not necessary to purchase every piece of furniture you need for the home before you move in it. Residing in the home for a few weeks before you purchase major items, such a living room furniture set, can help you become accustomed to living in the layout of the home. That extra time can help you figure out what pieces you really need and where they should go.


Contrast is Okay


It is not necessary to match everything in a room. In fact, a home in which the elements of each room, such as the colors of the walls or windowtreatments, all match with one another can give a home a generic feel and one dimensional appearance. Instead, you should focus on making sure that the scale of the furniture and accessories in each room are appropriate for the size of the room. It is okay to have a few elements match, but choosing colors and patterns that complement or contrast with the main color in a room, or blending differing interior design styles, can give the room depth and personality.


Decorating a new home does not have to be difficult. While you are planning and deciding on a particular décor, keep in mind what you want to experience every time you walk into the house and through each room. Your home is the one place where you and your family should always feel comfortable. Smith Douglas Homes specializes in creating beautiful homes. Stop by one of our neighborhoods to see what kind of home you and your family can make your own.