Getting Comfortable in Your New Neighborhood


It is exciting to finally close on your new home and move in. However, you may not even be done unpacking before you get that itch to explore the area and connect with fellow residents. A social circle is important to feel fully at ease and comfortable when settling into a new home. What is the best approach to learning more about the area and making new friends? Check out our list of ways to begin creating new connections when you move to a Smith Douglas Homes community.


1. Have you moved due to job relocation? This is one of the easiest paths to meeting new people as your work life will expose you to many new faces and personalities. You will be formally introduced by a superior but you should also take the initiative to be friendly, introduce yourself to like-minded new colleagues, be helpful and share your interests. Be proactive in cultivating relationships.


2. Have you moved due to a partner’s job opportunity? You may feel disconnected in a new area once the excitement of a new home dies down. Check for local groups that share your interests online, like on, from the comfort of your new home. Review the local circulars and newspapers for events, groups and job opportunities. Then go and be approachable.


In addition, simply get out of the house by grabbing a coffee at a local coffeehouse, going down to check out live music or walking the dog at one of your community’s parks.


3. Did you move and need to work out? Join a gym and attend a class that will put you in contact with other residents that share your desire to improve their health. Smile, compliment people, be personable and begin to attract others that want to engage.


4. Have you moved with children? Parents of newborns and young children can often connect at Mommy and Me classes, family-friendly events and courses designed to engage children’s development and support the emotional needs of parents.


5. Want to get to know others better? After exchanging numbers, new residents can host a potluck, bbq, or crafting party and invite new acquaintances. Even easier, invite them to coffee or an after work drink or ask them about places and events to check out and see if they are interested in going with you.


These are just a few of easy ways to get to know your neighbors in the area.