Breaking Ground in Jasper, AL

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A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Tuesday, June 17th to celebrate an expansion project known as The Cottages at Blackwell Meadows, where Smith Douglas Homes will be building 35 new homes. 

As published in the Daily Mountain Eagle Viking Development, founded in Jasper by Chuck and Matt Norris in 2004, were the developers on the original subdivision. They are also owners of Norris Paving & Excavating and led the ceremony on Tuesday. 

“A milestone of 100 homes built in Blackwell Meadows has been reached,” Chuck Norris said. “We are now partnering with Smith Douglas Homes to build out this next phase of 35 home sites. We have enough property here that we hope to bring another 150 to 200 new homes to this area over the next few years.”

Mayor David O’Mary said growing housing in the city has been a priority of his since he took office.

“When houses are built, that generates revenue in the city,” he said. “Once they are built, people buy them and start paying taxes to the city. They live, work and shop in our city. Those are all things that a city needs if it is going to grow at all. I am excited about this project.”

District 1 County Commissioner Keith Davis, who is also a local realtor, said rooftops make a difference to communities.

“All communities need more rooftops, because that is providing more homes for families,” he said. “Available housing goes hand in hand with retail and industrial growth. This is an extremely big deal for our community.”

Connor Thorpe of Smith Douglas Homes said his company is looking forward to working in Jasper.

“We have a great working relationship with Norris Paving already, We build quality homes for an affordable price, and we believe we are a great fit for Jasper,” Thorpe said.

A timetable for finishing the 35 homes was not announced, but Thorpe said he is ready to get started on the project. Some dirt work has already begun. The event on Tuesday wrapped up with an official groundbreaking with area leaders and members of the companies involved in the project.  By James Phillips.