Raleigh, NC Ranks #1 out of 320 Builders in Duke Energy Hero Program

Duke Energy #1.JPG

We’re thrilled to announce that out of 320 builders in the Raleigh, NC region, Smith Douglas Homes ranks #1 for top performance in building energy-efficient homes. Our homes submitted into the Duke Energy Hero program show in 2019 we have saved our Raleigh owners a total of $174,406 annually and saved our owner’s a total of 174,406 annually and saved a total of 885,682 kWh.

Better construction makes the difference. Some of the key energy-saving features of our homes include increased insulation, a tighter building shell, greater HVAC duct performance, and high-efficiency windows.  Through the program we commit to making our homes 15-20% tighter than standard building codes.   

Independent, nationally accredited Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Raters verify that these homes meet program standards and achieve low scores on the HERS Index. The HERS system is a measure of a home’s energy efficiency. Lower scores mean lower energy bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a typical resale home scores 130 on the HERS Index. Currently, a standard new home in the Duke Energy Progress service territory scores 85. The average score of new homes in the Duke Energy Residential New Construction Program is between 70 and 55, and our Smith Douglas Homes rank among the lowest with scores between the 60’s and 50’s, making them some of the most energy-efficient homes on the market today.

Visit our website or any of our models and look for the HERS rating to see our score and the estimated monthly cost for energy bills on that plan.  We’re proud to share that some plans are so efficient the energy costs estimated are only $31 a month or slightly over $1 a day!  Complete program information is available at duke-energy.com/mynewhome.