Selecting the Best Home Building Team

Purchasing a home can be an overwhelming process, especially when making it alone. Home buyers often have a few hurdles to jump over, and one of the main ones is building a good, solid team. Here at Smith Douglas Homes, we understand what goes into buying a new home. There are people who come to us seeking to transition from an apartment, downsize or upgrade. Regardless of the reason, we help people find their new home as a team.

Top 7 Reasons for Moving

Moving and relocating is a normal part of adulthood. The reasons for moving to a new home can be prompted by changes in a person’s professional or personal life. At Smith Douglas Homes, we understand how important moving to a new home can be. Here are seven reasons people commonly decide to move and begin their lives in a new place.

Getting Comfortable in Your New Neighborhood

It is exciting to finally close on your new home and move in. However, you may not even be done unpacking before you get that itch to explore the area and connect with fellow residents. A social circle is important to feel fully at ease and comfortable when settling into a new home. What is the best approach to learning more about the area and making new friends? Check out our list of ways to begin creating new connections when you move to a Smith Douglas Homes community.

Matching Your Floorplan to Your Lifestyle

When buying a home, one of the most important things you can do is to make sure the floorplan is conducive to your lifestyle. Although every home should have the features you desire, the functionality of the floorplan should be one of the main deciding factors of your choice. There are a number of questions you should consider while deciding what type of floorplan would suit your lifestyle:

Choosing a Home Based on a Good School District

Most parents want to live in areas where their children will have a competitive advantage in education. The demand for homes in better school districts is so high that many third-party real estate and home search sites have implemented features that allow potential homebuyers to find a home that correlates to their desired school district.

Importance of Home Warranties

When considering a new home, one of the first things you need to research is the warranty being offered with the home. As a buyer, new home warranties are very important. Although many homes are well constructed, a builder should…

ROI of Having New Windows in a Home

When purchasing a home, there are certain benefits that make buying new the right idea. One of those benefits is windows. You never think about windows, until extreme temperatures occur. Windows keep your home warm in the winter and cool…

Home Builder Warranty vs. Home Warranty

When purchasing a home, knowing the difference between a home builder warranty and a home warranty is key. Both serve different purposes, and understanding the coverage options between the two can save you a lot of headache and money. Both…

Surprise Costs Associated With Older Homes

People often say that older homes have more character, history and charm! If you are in the market for an older home, there are a few things to consider, however. Older home maintenance can be costly, and finding problems and…

5 Reasons Summer is The Best Time to Move

You can buy a house any time of the year, especially if you have one built by Smith Douglas Homes. However, not every time of year is as ideal for moving as the summer! Our experts strongly recommend moving between…

Smith Douglas Homes Makes Builder 100 List

ATLANTA, Georgia -- For the second consecutive year, Smith Douglas Homes has earned a spot on the Builder 100 List. In 2015, Smith Douglas made its inaugural appearance on the list at No. 83. This year, Smith Douglas stands at No. 76. Builder…

The Truth About Appliances

When purchasing a home, many factors affect the decision. From school districts, to floorpans, from mortgages to property taxes, there really is too much to think about. If you are embarking on purchasing a home, possibly your first, allow us…