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Winston Pointe South Phase 2 Purchase Opportunities

Since opening Phase 2 for sales in March 2021, we have welcomed over 40 new homeowners to the Winston Pointe South Smith Douglas family. To those still waiting, or if you just discovered us, we appreciate your patience and continued interest in Winston Pointe South.

In preparation for upcoming November Purchase Opportunities, we will release a questionnaire to determine your interest and eligibility. This questionnaire will be emailed to all customers in the middle of the month; Upon receipt, you will have 1 week to complete the survey.

You must complete or recomplete this questionnaire to become eligible for a New Home Appointment. Previous entries will not be counted.   

If you meet the qualification criteria, your response will be entered into our lottery for an November appointment opportunity. Those names drawn will be contacted by our New Home Specialists to schedule your one-on-one New Home Appointment. At the appointment, please be prepared to provide a valid pre-qualification from a preferred financial lending partner or proof of funds. If you choose to purchase, you may use the lender of your choice.

While you wait, we encourage you to visit our website and virtual Home Design Tools to choose and personalize your dream home at Winston Pointe South.